Business Affiliate Program

If your company, website or organization is looking for a way to make a little extra money and
offer a unique and high demand benefit to offer your customers, members, or employees, look no further!  Show how much you understand how important their dogs are to them!  Become a part of the, join the DogTravel Business Affiliate Program.

Did you know there are almost 45 million US households alone, that have at least 1 dog?  Did you know that there are 78.5 million companion dogs in the US? Better yet, did you know that over 31 million dog owners think highly enough of their pup that they buy them holiday gifts and birthday presents?  16.2 million dog owners claim to be more attached to their dogs than their best friends, and you don't want to know how  many dog owners claim that they are more attached to their dogs than their kids or even their spouse!*

Here's how it works:  Your organization will need to register with the DogTravel Company as an Business Affiliate.  Your organization will be given a special code. This code is unique to your organization. Share this code with all of your patrons, visitors, subscribers,  friends, family everyone you know!  When they join the DogTravel Company Travel Club and pay their annual dues, remind them to use your unique code.  For every new member that joins DogTravel and uses your organization's code, DogTravel will pay a $5 commission to your organization.  Commissions will be paid quarterly. Click to Register for DogTravel Affiliate Rescue Program

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 * Statistics are from the American Pet Association