Traveling to AKC events

Compete & Perform Better! Arrive Well Rested & Energized!

Travel in style to your next AKC event! Dogtravel members (and their dogs) NEVER travel in cargo! Members and their dogs will travel side by side to AKC events, arriving well rested, energized and ready to perform at the top of their game! Dogtravel Company provides members with travel services to AKC events.

Travel Services provided include:

  • Dog Friendly Flight Service - Members can fly with their dogs safely sitting in the cabin of the aircraft in the seat right next to their owners. Dogs will NEVER travel in cargo with Dogtravel Company. There are no restrictions to the number of dogs permitted in the cabin of the aircraft, and there are no limits to the size of dogs in the aircraft. You'll never risk having your dog bumped from a flight. Members get to go through a separate and private DTC TSA Security check point, no worry about the long security lines! On-board, each dog will travel comfortably their own seat, with their own special safety harness that will keep them secure and safe in their seat. Further reducing stress and anxiety, your dog will never leave your side and will be sitting right next to you throughout the entire journey! Both members and their dogs will also be able to enjoy in-flight snack, meal and beverage service, all-inclusive in your flight.

  • Dog Friendly Train Service - For members who want to leave the RV behind, or who don't want to fly, consider taking advantage of Dogtravel's Dog Friendly Train Service. You and your dog can climb aboard one of the first class Dogtravel trains. Spend some time mingling with other members and their dogs in the coach or lounge cars, take a nap with your pup in one of the sleeper cats, enjoy a meal in the dining car, or if you're on one of the larger trains you can spend some time romping with your pup in the play car that is filled with grass so the pups can run around and get some exercise. Members can also opt to hotel on the train in their own private sleeper car room once they get to their final destination, or stay in an outside hotel. Your train travel is all-inclusive of all first class meals, and beverages.

  • Dog Friendly Hotel Booking Service - Dogtravel members get exclusive rates at national and local hotels, resorts, and private home and apartment rentals. Your DTC Member Representative can help you look at your options and book a place to stay that will be perfect for you and your pup.

  • Dog Friendly Auto Rentals - Once you get to your destination, you may want to have a car on hand just in case you want to get away from the events for a little bit, or run some errands, or visit friends, or go sight seeing. Dogtravel has exclusive rates with a number of national auto rental firms and your Member Services representative can help you book the automobile that is right for you and your pup!

  • Finding Local Dog Friendly Eating Establishments - Take advantage of your Member Services Team and ask them to provide you with a list of dog friendly eating establishments at your final destination. Nothing says "I love you" more to your favorite pup, than taking them out for a big old dinner!

  • Finding Dog Friendly local attractions and sights to see. If you and your dog have some down time you may want to spend time together exploring the local area. One of the benefits of membership with the Dogtravel Comapny is that our concierge team can help you find dog friendly attractions to visit, be it a park, museum, zoo, gardens, day cruise, historical landmark, or beach.