Car Travel
Custom Built Driving Vacations

Prefer to travel by land?  Whether you want to drive by car, SUV, or RV, DogTravel's Member Services Concierge Team can help you with your travel plans. Work with your Member Services Concierge to arrange for fun, comfortable dog-friendly hotels, bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals or resorts, search for dog friendly restaurants, and even dog friendly tourist attractions.  There's no need for leaving your four-legged friend at home when you can travel with them!

Driving vacations are great for low budget travelers as well as high budget travelers. Go at your own pace, explore, and sniff around!  Both you and your pup will have the time of your lives!

RV Rentals

Don't own your own RV?  That's ok, why not rent one?  Nothing could be easier for you and your pup than driving your own recreational vehicle. Tour, eat, sleep and play all in the comfort of an RV. Contact your member services concierge for further information about booking an RV.

Dog-Friendly Auto Rentals 


Dogtravel Company provides our members with a choice of standard rental cars, including luxury cars, vans, and SUVs.  We know how important it is to be able to travel comfortably and safely with your entire family, including your dogs.  We have established relationships with our rental car partners so that we can meet all of your auto rental needs. Our rental car partners can help you out with everything from a child seat to a ski rack, to extra room for your dog's crate.  


When you decide to rent an automobile from one of our partners, you'll be working with a rental company that has committed to Dogtravel Company to provide our members with low pricing and the best customer service possible. You'll be able to chose from a wide range of leading quality cars.

Members will find their personal discount numbers on the back of their membership card.  Please use this number at the time of booking to receive your members-only Dogtravel Company discounted rates.



We want to help you enjoy more and worry less!  

Land Vacation Packages Ideas

Members can book custom built vacation packages. View Suggestions below!

North Eastern Great Drives!
Burlington VT
DTC Burlington VT
from $89/night
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Mid-Atlantic Great Drives!
Washington DC

From $60 / night
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Williamsburg, VA
From $45 /night
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Southeastern Great Drives!
Savannah, GA
Savannah GA
From $55/night
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Midwest Great Drives!
Chicago, IL
Chicago IL 
From $75/ night
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Mountain Region Great Drives!
Steamboat Springs, CO

From $175/night 
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Pacific Northwest Great Drives!
 Vancouver, WA
Vancouver WA 
From $70/night
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Southwestern Great Drives!
Santa Fe, NM
 From $55/night
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