Rules & Regulations
Rules and Regulations



  1. All dogs must be completely house trained and able to go for at least six hours at a time before having to go to the bathroom.
  2. All dogs must be bathed, shampooed and /or groomed within 48 hours of travel. 
  3. Owners must provide proof that their dog(s) received flea & tick treatment within one week of departure but no less than two days of departure so any existing fleas and ticks have already jumped off. They also must show proof that they have been on flea & tick treatment for at least the last three months. 
  4. Owners must bring the Dogtravel Company Health Certificate and their dog to their veterinarian within 10 days of travel. The veterinarian must give owner’s dog a full physical and authorize that the dog(s) are in good health to travel and participate in any other activity they will be involved with. The veterinarian must certify that owner’s dog(s) are current with all required vaccinations, including Rabies, Bordatella, & Distemper. The veterinarian must also certify that owner’s dog(s) are free of any parasites, both internally and externally.  For overseas travel, owners must obtain an FDA issued Health Certificate in addition to any other certificates required by destination country/ countries.  Additional documentation may also be required. Owners & veterinarians are responsible for knowing about any breed specific health conditions that their dog is predisposition to (ie. Dogs with short noses have trouble breathing when flying. Some of these dogs include boxers, bull dogs, pit bull terriers, and others with short noses. Please do your own research as well as consult your veterinarian for other information.) 
  5. All dogs will undergo a behavior testing, evaluation & observation by qualified Dogtravel Company staff (to include behaviorists, veterinarians, and vet technicians. Evaluations will include temperament testing (noise, quick movements, lots of activity, crowds, etc) , aggression testing (food, toy, owner, dog, uniform, child, and fear aggression), sensitivity to touch by strangers, and other forms of testing as necessary. Any dog that shows aggression of any kind, be it bearing teeth, growling, posturing (body language), charging, etc. will not be allowed to take part in any Dogtravel Company trips.  Any humans showing aggression issues of any kind will also not be allowed to participate in any Dogtravel Company trips. If any dog or human passes the initial testing, and shows any aggression during a trip, they will be asked to leave immediately without any refund. They will be responsible for finding and paying their own way home. Testing, evalution, and observation will take place on-site at the airport / train station just prior to travel.   Dogs must also be comfortable being separated from their owner as they go through security.  Dogs will be lead away from their owner, typically 10 - 50 feet away, and may be wanded or patted down by a uniformed TSA agent.  Dog's must not show any agression while going through the security check point.  Dogtravel Company strongly encourages owners to provide their dog with appropriate training prior to travel.  Dogs who are certified as therapy dogs or service dogs should do very well during behavior evaluations.   
  6. All dogs will undergo obedience evaluations prior to any Dogtravel Company travel. They must effectively demonstrate that they know the basic commands of “sit” and “down." We’d also like them to know the command “stay." 
  7. All dogs must effectively demonstrate that they are well socialized with other dogs, adults, and children. 
  8. All dogs must be over the age of six months. 
  9. All dogs must wear their safety harness at all times, and when walking must be attached to a leash no longer than 4 feet. Owners must have that leash wrapped securely around their wrist and holding the end of the leash at all times.  No flex-leads or retractable leashes will be permitted. 
  10. No dog will be allowed to be tied up to any objects (chairs, tables, fences, doors, cars, etc.) unless they are secured into their airplane or car seat. They must remain attached to their owner by leash at all other times. 
  11. Dogs will not be permitted off leash at any time, regardless of how well trained they are.  Electronic collars and voice commands will not be permitted or qualify as having your dog be under owner’s personal control. 
  12. All dogs must be microchipped for identification purposes. **Some domestic jurisdictions and many countries require dogs to be microchipped before they enter the jurisdiction/country. 
  13. All dogs must wear identification tags which include the owner and/or dog’s name, cell phone number where the owner can be reached while traveling, and a home address, and a local address where they are staying. Many of our dog friendly hotels will also provide these tags.