How We Travel
No Cargo Holds, Cargo Planes, Cargo Trains, or Cargo Trucks!


The DogTravel Company is currently the only travel club in the world offering safe, low stress, side-by-side travel for dog lovers and their dogs. Regardless of how you travel, by air, land, or sea, your dog will never leave your side. Your dog will never travel in a crate*, and your dog will never ever travel in a cargo hold or on a cargo plane, train or truck.

We believe that our dogs are family members, not luggage, and should enjoy the same benefits that their human companions enjoy while traveling.

The Dogtravel company does not discriminate based on size. Dogs of all sizes are permitted in the cabin of the aircraft, in train cars, on ships**, and at all DogTravel approved hotels, resorts, B&B's, and vacation rentals.

What is a DogTravel trip like?
No matter how you travel, you and your dog will travel first class. For all flights, train travel, and cruises, both you and your dog will enjoy snack, meal, and on-board beverage service. Snack, meal and beverage service for your dog will cater to their special taste buds, and diets. Catering request can be made and we will do our best to accommodate your every need.

* DogTravel reserves the right to remove any dog that misbehaves or shows agression to staff, crew, members, or other dogs. If a dog mis-behaves while a flight is in mid-air, or between train or ship stops, that dog may be confined in a crate until the next stop or port is reached. Please refer to the Rules for ruther details.

** Cruise ships are currently only available in Europe