Dog Friendly Trains
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Dogtravel Company offers two types of dog friendly train service for our members, standard train service and premium on-demand service.  

            Standard Train Service

      •     Coach Class
      •     Sleeper / Lounge Car Class  (includes all meals & beverages)

           Premium On-Demand Train Service (groups of 4-80 passengers)
           Members can chose from a variety of on-board and off-board amenities

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Sleeper & Lounge Cars


Each train excursion includes:

  • Versatile first class lounge chair/table interchangeable combination seating during the long-distance, day travel
  • Overnight lodging in double bedrooms or roomettes
  • On-board car attendants, chefs, and wait staff conducive to first-class service
  • On-board meal service appropriate to the time of day
  • Premium beverage service including beers, wines, mixed drinks, soft drinks, bottled still and sparkling waters, and freshly brewed regular or decaffeinated coffee
  • Dry snack service
  • Showers at the end of each sleeper car
  • Private toilet & sink in your sleeper room
  • Luggage transfer for all guests  

Premium On-Demand Cars 

These cars can range from private coach cars to lounge, observatory, sleeper, and living cars.
Luxury Private cars are available for those who are seeking a more intimate experience.  These cars can include full living room with leather sofas, library, formal dining rooms, TV's, video games, DVD players, and more. Inquire about availability of these cars as well as on-board and off-board amenities.